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Engaging with a Dragon

So some of our students and clients know that we were planning to give Theo Paphitis, a book about our business, what we do and the achievements of a selection of our students.

Well we got to the #SBSEvent2019 which is an annual conference/party that Theo and the sponsors put on for his winners so we had a fair chance of handing it over.

Well, for those students who wrote a little about themselves which was included in the book - I safely handed it to Theo and had a lovely little chat about Olive Training and all its learners - he absolutely promised to take a look and read through it.

He seemed really pleased we had taken the time to do this and said "We really were doing what it was all about at the event - supporting small businesses to achieve."

I couldn't guarantee to you my students, that I would be able to get it to him but this just shows if you believe it can happen then you just make it happen !!

Theo is really is a cool dude, very supportive and we are super proud to be part of his #SBS family.

So we did all end up in front of a Dragon ... and it was super cool !!!



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