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Quality Assurance

Beauty Courses, Makeup Courses
Quality & Passion

Our courses are delivered by highly skilled teachers and trainers who have not only worked in the hair and beauty industry but continue to update their skills and application techniques in order to be able to pass this knowledge on to our students.  They are also qualified teachers in the further education sector and work to maintain the highest levels in teaching and learning status.  All still work as therapists or stylists in the industry and Liz works as a consultant to other training centres across the UK.


Our principal tutor and owner Liz Lee has over 20 plus years experience of teaching and industry experience in the sector, and has spent many years heading up hair and beauty departments in the further education colleges.  With a grade one teaching profile, she also supports other training centres in raising standards and carries out quality assurance activities for them on a regular basis.  Liz holds a BSc Hons Degree in Education and Training, Teaching, Assessors, Internal and External Verifiers qualifications including a diverse and wide range of industry specialist qualifications.


Most of our courses are intensive and fast track but we do not compromise on quality.  With our experience of teaching we have designed schemes and use innovative methods to ensure that you learn by doing and, that you are successful.  We have a passion for quality !   


Olive Training employs three assessors and four internal verifiers whose role is to check that your assessments and evidence is valid, reliable and meets VTCT plus other regulatory requirements.  Our internal verifiers are also highly skilled industry specialists that continue to meet the vigorous continual professional development demands in order to stay on trend.  All work and portfolios are moderated by the team prior to certification.


An external verifier, appointed by VTCT, will visit Olive Training to sample and quality-check assessments, the internal verification process and the evidence gathered.  Therefore you may be asked to attend on a different day than your usual course dates if requested by the external verifier.  Your tutor will discuss this with you at enrolment.


As a measure of good practise Olive Training also includes all students in the quality process by encouraging their engagement in course feedback, evaluations and quality circles in a bid to continual improve our provision.


The Quality Policy is in place to ensure that your training is of the highest standard and to give the learner peace of mind.  Once you have been certificated for this course you will be able to purchase and secure insurance to enable you to work in the industry.  Olive Training can advise on suitable companies that support therapists.

Work Experience


Not all learning takes place in the classroom !


Olive Training takes your career seriously and understands the need for high quality training  and work experience for its students.   We ensure that you have every opportunity to gain  the experience and skills you need to be confident in the workplace so we will invite you to come along to events and train with us on the job.  We work with a host of  photographers,  event planners  and publications to give you a taste of the industry.


We work closely with the Look Good Feel Better Charity, who support women and teenagers undergoing treatment for Cancer and are proud to attend monthly workshop sessions in a hospital setting. 

"Why not join us !"
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