Terms and Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking your place on an Olive Training, Beauty, Media Makeup, Hairstyling or Complementary Course and Workshops


Booking Courses & Workshops

  • When dates are offered at initial student enquiry via email Olive Training will hold these for 48 hours, after which time these are released as open for booking to all potential students, so we advise for payment as agreed within this time span to avoid disappointment.

  • Where a workshop or pamper session booking is made payment must be made in full.

  • Booking fees must be paid by BACs.

  • The final balance must be made no later than 14 days prior to the course start date.

  • Once payment has been made in full, confirmation will be sent via email to the student.

  • All fees must be confirmed and paid in full before certificates are claimed from the awarding body.

  • Cancellations of a course received up to 7 days before the start date will be subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the course fees minus the     booking fee.

  • Olive Training is unable to offer refunds if you fail to attend or cancel a confirmed course, session or training day once the course has           started.   It is the student’s responsibility to inform the centre that they cannot attend. Failure to inform the centre will result in loss of that day’s training and all associated fees.

  • Once a course/s has been accessed in our Online Classroom prior to a practical day at the Olive Training Centre it is deemed that the         student is now active on an individual programme of study working towards a course completion objective.   This means that you have         started your course and that you cannot cancel your course at this stage or at any future date.  Full course fees will be due.  

  • In the event of a genuine reason for changing a training date such as medical appointment, family bereavement then Olive Training may consider a transfer request as long as it is 7 days before the booked date. (Proof of circumstances may be required).  In the need to self-isolating due to the student or the student being in contact with someone suffering from the corona virus infection including a positive Covid test then Olive Training will allow two changes to dates being transferred free of charge.   In the event of changing a practical date for other reasons less than 7 days prior to the booked date the student will incur an administration fee of £25.00 for each day changed. 

  • Learner Profile & Booking forms must be signed and returned to Olive Training before commencement of course in person or online.   All       bookings must be processed via email.  Bookings received by email will be classed as a contractual agreement to all Terms and Conditions     of Olive Training.

  • It is the students responsibility to read the terms and conditions of service.

  • Any medical conditions suffered by the student need to be disclosed at the time of booking.  All conditions will be discussed prior to booking to ensure that the student can complete their course in a successful manner. 

  • Course timings are as set in the course outline as advertised, these cannot be modified.  Guided learning hours include those utilised           online as part of a blended course.     

  • In the unlikely event of Olive Training having to cancel a course or training date prior to its start date we will offer alternative course dates or offer a full refund.

  • Olive Training cannot be held responsible for any costs or loss of earnings due to course cancellation.

  • Olive Training reserves the right to decline applications.

  • Any requirement for pre-requisite ie. age, prior learning, etc must be substantiated before the commencement of the course.  These are dealt with on an individual basis in line with regulations from the awarding body. 

  • All course information and prices are correct at the time of print; however, details may be subject to change.

  • If a course kit, equipment or tools and/or uniform are required then students must obtain these before the commencement of the course.

  • All agreed training days must be successfully attended and completed in order to certificate.   Where the students has completed the training course and has completed all related evidence to a successful conclusion early - the internal quality assurance will check and moderate the evidence and the course may in some cases classed as complete.   In this case the course fee remains the same and no partial refund can be claimed. 

  • Courses must be accessed within a six week period of full payment and completed within a one year time frame.   Requests may be made to extend the study period in the event of unforeseen circumstances.   Olive Training will look at and consider each circumstance individually.  Please note administration fees may be incurred, and any costs charged by the Awarding Body will be passed on to the student.



Course & Workshop Commitment


  • There is a mandatory requirement on Olive Training Courses & some Workshops to participate in hands-on practical applications which          involves both receiving and carrying out treatments on other learners and clients/models. This is in line with awarding body requirements.

  • Full participation is expected in all sessions.

  • External Verifiers (EQA) are appointed by the Awarding Body VTCT and will usually visit the college twice a year to ensure that the college    complies with the appropriate standards on certificated courses and to complete quality assurance documentation. Please note that the VTCT EQA can request that you attend to carry out an assessment and/or submit your Portfolio of Evidence for inspection. Failure to attend in this instance may delay your qualifications and the EQA will still require you to attend at a later date. This may disrupt your certification so attendance is paramount.  No charge is made for this event.

  • Olive Training reserves the right to alter course & workshop content and/or trainer.

  • Olive Training reserves the right to remove students for plagiarism, cheating in assessments/exams, using threatening or disruptive          behaviour; this includes damage or theft of equipment, products and premises. This will result in the loss of all course/workshop fees paid.

  • Students must adhere to the Olive Training Code of Practice and Salon Etiquette including dress code at all times.

  • In the event of failure or outstanding assessment/test or assignment at the end of your certificated course Olive Training will assign you one free opportunity/date to complete. Therefore, after additional review/assessment dates will incur an additional charge of £60 per half day.

  • Course fee allows for three attempts of each test, after which the awarding body VTCT will charge an additional £15 for each of the next three attempts. This cost will be passed on to the student and must be paid prior to us booking the exam/test.   Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have completed all of your study and revision prior to taking these tests.    

  • Olive Training will support you fully and make reasonable adjustments in the most effective form available if you disclose a need for learning support.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • All work and course evidence must be in place and produced prior to certificates being claimed.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


  • Olive Training will not share any personal information of students, models or clients with any third party other than required by the         awarding body for the purposes of registration, assessment and certification.

  • To see our Privacy Policy please click here  https://www.olivetraining.co.uk/privacy-policy




  • For our Corona Virus (COVID-19) Policy please visit https://www.olivetraining.co.uk/covid-19-coronavirus-statement

  • Due to health and safety constraints including safeguarding of clients Olive Training cannot allow student friends or family on the premises   during any part of the training course including at times of assessment.  In extenuating circumstances where support is required from a         third person then an application can be made at the time of booking to Olive Training to accommodate this.  Olive Training will look at         each case sympathetically but our decision is final.

  • Mobile phones must be turned off or turned to silent during lesson time.

  • No allowance for lateness or absenteeism is made on our courses.

  • As part of the Quality Assurance Policy all students will have the opportunity to evaluate and give feedback on their course/workshop.

  • Olive Training course/workshop notes, handouts, resources and photographs are designed for student use only. No part of any publication   given may be reproduced, used for any purpose or given to a third party without the prior permission of Olive Training, Warminster. 

  • Educators and academies using our training services including those online and centre based do not have permission to use any resource package. Olive Training will take legal action if they find any resource being used without permission.   

  • In the interests of safeguarding, no videoing or recording of lessons is allowed by students, models or clients; this includes taking pictures       on cameras or mobile phones.  In some cases, Olive Training staff will allow photographs to be take of the students own work under the         supervision of the tutor such as in makeup courses.

  • Videos or photographs taken by Olive Training during courses/workshops for portfolio evidence may also be used to showcase student’s         work for marketing purposes by Olive Training.  Where possible students may be given a small selection of this material at the end of their    course/workshop.  Olive Training reserves all rights to this material and should the student wish to use the material for any purpose then      authorisation must be sought from Olive Training in writing.  Where a student/client/model is classed as a minor (under 16 years) Olive         Training will obtain parental/guardian consent for photographic evidence.  All students/clients/models will be required to sign a Model         Release Form/Photographic consent form as part of the booking and induction process.

  • Olive Training in line with RWE (Real Working Environment) and Awarding Body standards will provide models and clients for the         purposes of training and assessments unless this has been identified in the course information.  Students will not be allowed to carry out       assessments on family and friends without permission of the tutor in the first instance.

  • All assessments are carried out in a RWE (Real Working Environment) situation.

  • Olive Training will post out certificates by recorded delivery at no extra cost to the student.  Portfolios will be sent by recorded delivery/carrier once the moderation stage has been completed to the address given by the student and once postage has been paid.  Any items returned to Olive Training due to a failed delivery which is not the fault of Olive Training will incur further charges if the student wishes the items to be reposted.  Students may make arrangements to collect items by contacting the centre or must respond to Portfolio Retrieval notifications.  

  • Olive Training cannot be held responsible for the destruction of portfolios after the deadline date for portfolio retrieval.    

  • We would remind students that until certification from VTCT Olive Training cannot confirm achievement of the qualification.  Therefore,       Olive Training cannot be held responsible for any action of the individual who commercially undertakes treatments whilst awaiting        notification of this achievement.  We would also respectfully inform learners that they are unlikely to be covered by insurance during this       period and it is advisable to refrain from adding any service until fully qualified.

  • The internal moderation process may take up to two weeks.

  • Where VTCT accredited courses have been undertaken certification may take up to six weeks at certain times of the year.  Olive training         cannot be responsible for delays by VTCT in issuing registrations or certification.  

  • Olive Training does not write to insurance companies on behalf of the student in any case or situation.

  • The name "Olive Training" cannot be used for any purposes without prior written permission.  Please contact us for an application.

  • Students (Existing and Past) wishing to enter competitions under "student category" using the Olive Training name should seek approval  prior to the entry application.


House Keeping

  • Olive Training observes a strict “No Smoking or vaping” Policy on its premises. Smoking or vaping is only allowed in the dedicated area.

  • We cannot accept responsibility for any personal valuables or possessions which go missing or are damaged at our training venue.

  • Students are asked to act responsibly whilst attending Olive Training and adhere to all Health and Safety information.   

  • In the event of damage to property, equipment or facilities caused by negligent actions by students, clients or visitors Olive Training        reserve the right to seek costs relating to repair or replacement of said damage.  

  • All students must complete an Induction session online prior to attending their course.   


Please note : These terms and conditions are subject to change.