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Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair and Media Makeup Student wins Top Competition


Helen Miles who has only just recently completed her Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair and Media Makeup qualification has won 1st Place today at Media Makeup & Photography Event Competition in Rugby in the Student Creative Artist Competition.

Helen's entry was outstanding and fell into the category of Books with a Sub Category of which she chose H.G. Wells. Her final avante garde look contained references to The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, The Sea Lady, Wars of the Worlds and The First Men in the Moon with no detail over looked and her model Ann Fox looked amazing.

"Here at Olive Training we had just finished teaching when the news came in that Helen had come First and we were absolutely delighted for her. Helen puts in a great deal of preparation, building her own costumes and planning her makeup so we are delighted that she has had this recognition early in her makeup career." Liz said, "We had some discussions about her entry and it was brilliant to see it final executed. The results are very effective, it really is fantastic news and we are really proud of her achievement !!"

Congratulations Helen !!

You can see more of Helen's work at



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