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The MUA's Portfolio

If you are a new makeup artist then an important tool to help you get a foot in the door, job wise, is a good makeup portfolio!

Your portfolio is a marketing tool, it allows you to showcase your work and skills while demonstrating your versatility to create different looks in different situations. A makeup portfolio can be put together online, electronically or hard copy but in my experience don't just opt for one format, go for several.

Electronic portfolios can be easily uploaded to social media sites or portfolio hosting sites like Purpleport, or equally shared with prospective employers via sites such as Dropbox; alternatively a CD Rom can be popped into a envelope along with your CV and a covering letter.

If however you are meeting up with a photographer or attending an interview for a job then you should always have a hard copy of your work. Invest in a good quality zipped ringbinder type folder, make sure photographs of your work are professional printed to A4 size with a glossy finish and section them together in appropriate categories to show depth of work.

Whichever method you choose to display your images make sure the photographs cover a wide range of looks from natural day applications through to edgier genres. Not all photographs should be taken in the same way, of course always include close-up shots as this will showcase your application techniques of cosmetics but include photographs that show your makeup from a distance. There should be a range of different styles, looks, techniques and venues with a wide range of different models.

Bad portfolios will include every picture taken of your work whilst good portfolios will include some earlier work to show your improvement but will also include carefully selected work that shows off your talent.

Finally organising another folder that shows newspaper cuttings, magazines excerpts and testimonials about your work can be an interesting concept to employers - it shows you care and that you are passionate about the industry.

Make your portfolio high quality and professional looking - showcase your talent !



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