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Makeup Brushes

The tools of the trade are so important to a specialist and for the makeup artist the tools are our brushes.

To look after our brushes is paramount and I often hear other MUAs talking, giving advice to clients and customers about how to care for them. The thing is, if they are not cleaned between applications there are a few things that can go wrong.

Firstly there is a risk of cross infection... it's unhygienic to use brushes on one client then directly onto another, what nasties lurk in between those soft bristles and secondly the colour the brush holds could potentially contaminate and ruin the colours used on the next application.

So many of my trainee makeup artists will tell you, that these words will ring out often in makeup lessons ...."you must clean your brushes!" . And its easy... over and over I hear different methods of cleaning from actual washing to sprays that can be used during applications.

The sprays are convenient, useful and offer a quick solution to reusing the brush mid application but it can be an expensive way. I still maintain that you cannot beat washing your brushes in a mild soap solution, rinsing with fresh water and letting them dry naturally, preferably over night.

Some of my brushes were the exact brushes that helped me train and pass assessments way back some 19/20 years ago ...and no I am not kidding!!! My old faithfuls sit along side newer ones, some cheaper models and some that included a payment plan. Ha !

The old faithfuls have had handles have fall off, but they still have so much life left that out comes the glue gun and a few moments later ...good as new ! So my point is look after them and they wont let you down.

I work with a large collection of brushes and don't really follow the rules of what the brush was designed for .... If I need a small more precise application then I might use my lip brush even if I am applying makeup nowhere near the lips. The times I have been asked "can I use this shadow brush for concealer?", "well," I answer, "will it work for you to apply the concealer", "yes" is the reply, "go for it" I reply. We all have favourite brushes which just feel right in the hand that you know how the product is going to be laid down by them.

So my top tip for budding makeup artists is start collecting.. one set is never enough ! And with any collection, love it and look after it !!



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