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Sunflower Faces

The recent bad weather played havoc on the gardens of Olive Training, just yesterday we were horrified to see our 8ft sunflowers, which incidentally we had taken much care to cane up, had been totally uprooted. So today the beautiful blooms sit magnificently in a vase inside for all to see and enjoy but this got me thinking..... We do tend to overlook sunflower oil in massage and aromatherapy in favour of other more exotic oils.

During aromatherapy courses I often call Sunflower oil the “happy” oil, basically to draw reference to those big flower faces which follow the sun throughout the day, but to also draw attention to the fact it is such a keen little oil, wanting to be used in our treatments and blends but often ignored in favour of olive or almond.

Sunflower oil (Latin: Helianthus annus) is rich in essential fatty acids and has a high content of Vitamin E plus it contains A, B and D, making this an excellent oil to promote a healthy skin. It is absorbed by the skin well due to its resemblance to the body’s own natural oils making it ideal for massage. It is obtained by collecting the seeds and cold pressing which ensures the oil retains of all the goodness and valuable properties of the plant. So versatile is the oil produced that it can be used on adults and children being a light carrier to add essential oils and often the main oil used in baby massage.

The oil can be useful in skincare too, as it helps to prevent infections by making a barrier layer; it also contains anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in conditions such as acne. The omega fatty acid content may help promote new cells, whilst the vitamin E can help with the effects of aging on the skin such as fine lines and wrinkles; so for a mature skin this oil could be the base of an ideal blend.

Make sure you buy smaller bottles though as this oil tends to have a short life span much like our English sunshine!

We have an aromatherapy lesson later this week so we have put the bottle right at the front - let’s carry on the sunshine a little bit longer - we will ensure that it’s included in our blends and put a smile on our client’s faces.



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