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Is there Thyme ?

So this week we had a body brushing workshop which alone is a fab treatment but this brush application prepares the body for lots of other treatments such as Aromatherapy. So we washed, dried, hung up our brushes and thought you might like to join us in a virtual pop up lesson on the essential oil Thyme. Thyme is sometimes a little overlooked in Aromatherapy but a wonderful warm, spicy-herbaceous, powerful oil which is often found in soaps, cosmetics and toothpastes. We use it in our cooking and have it in our gardens but in the salon it is often pushed aside for other better known oils. It is quicker and easier to pick up more well known oils than learning the properties of another - so we are asking that you give it some of your time... The oil is native to the Mediterranean, the Greeks used this as incense in their temples, with the Greek word Thymos meaning perfume. When you walk in the Greek countryside, as someone who owns a business called Olive Training probably does (well once a year anyway ..) the smell of the plant is fresh, beautiful and has an unforgettable aroma. Thyme’s properties are beneficial to the immune system and can help fight colds, the flu and other infectious diseases, along with supporting other body systems.

We cannot wait until Monday when we get all the essential oils ready for our students and we will be putting Thyme to the front of the tray this week. Take a virtual sniff now !



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