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As part of any VTCT qualification you are required to produce a portfolio of evidence.  This portfolio will confirm the knowledge, understanding and skills
that you have learnt.


We can now have your portfolio set up, ready and waiting for you on the first day of your course taking away the stress of remembering to bring your own folder, dividers etc. 


What is included:


  • Folder 
  • Dividers
  • Plastic Pockets 
  • Pen and Pencil
  • Relevant items that may be required on your course (items may differ)


When you arrive on the first day of your course - your folder will be set up with all of the important paperwork, already in place ready to start collecting the evidence.  This means we can quickly move on to teaching you the more interesting parts of your chosen course. 

Stationery for Portfolio of Evidence

SKU: Port1
  • Evidence in the portfolio may take the following forms:
    • Observed work
    • Witness statements
    • Audio-visual media - Photographs
    • Evidence of prior learning or attainment
    • Written questions
    • Oral questions
    • Assignments
    • Case studies

  • Throughout your course and also at the end a member of our Quality Assurance Team moderate this portfolio on behalf of VTCT to check that everything is in place so that you can successfully obtain your certificate.   At various intervals VTCT have the right to see part or all of your portfolio, therefore it is a very important document on your study programme.

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