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Learn how to apply a Hand and Foot Massage.

This bespoke workshop is for anyone who wishes to learn and apply the technique of foot and hand massage to friends and family. 

You will learn to basic massage techniques to the lower arm and hand and also the lower leg and foot to achieve relaxation and to release muscle tension. You wil also study the basic anatomy of the hand, foot, arm and leg to ensure that you work safely.

Different mediums will also be discussed. 

2 hour Workshop

Hand and Foot Massage Workshop

  • This is a non-certificated course/workshop.  The aim is for you to learn this skill to use on family and friends and is not intended for professional practise.

    We are brand neutral and will offer advice and support on choosing the correct products for you.  Please note this workshop  can also be undertaken as a taster to manicures and pedicures or massage.


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