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This Course is about providing you with th skills to enhance nails using an electric files (E-File)  


You will learn the safe and appropriate use of electric files during the processes of preparing and finishing overlay materials such as acrylic extensions.  The course also covers safe, professional preparation and maintenance of the electric file hand piece and attachments.  This includes reducing length and refining surfaces; thinning out of the free edge of an overlay, buffing and reducing overlay bulk ready for infill or rebalance and the removal process. 


The majority of this time will be spent gaining and learning practical techniques to carry out the treatments in your salon.  There is also a theory content to ensure that you have the underpinning essential knowledge for the unit.


You must hold a relevant Artificial Nail Application qualification which must be submitted at the time of booking.


Requirements:  Please dress professionally


Duration : 4 hours



Upgrade this qualification to a VTCT accredited Course by clicking the link



E-Filing PBD

  • The course is ideal for those nail technicians who have trained to apply artificial nail structures and are now looking to upskill and using electrical equipment to speed up their maintenance and removal work.


    Throughout the course you will be assessed by practical tasks on a model and a written assessment. 


    This course is brand neutral and no kit is required for this course however we do recommend that you purchase products and equipment as soon as possible to allow you to practise at home - Your tutor will discuss different equipment so there is no obligation to buy prior to the course - again we are a brand netural.


    You will need to attend with a set of nail structures in place if you can.


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