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The Beauty of Training

The beauty of training in beauty....... You can work in a salon but there is also the flexibility to work as a home based or mobile therapist. Many of my past students are earning a very healthy living by carrying out treatments in a spare room or summerhouse in the garden. Some started there and moved to open a salon.

You can offer a full range of treatments and, quite often the clients like the anonymity by being able to come and go without being in full view on the high street. Offer a specialism though and you open up a whole new world, less is sometimes more ! Offering facials and Skincare or even just epilation, gives you the edge of being the specialist in that field and often builds client base and revenue more quickly. Product companies are becoming more savvy now too realising that they cannot miss out on the potential business for themselves by having their brands advertised in these different channels and, with product companies usually comes free training sessions to enhance your professional development.

I am often approach by already employed people who wish to train to open up another avenue in their life, nurses who want to learn aromatherapy, office workers who study level 2 beauty to be able to treat friends and family even sometimes those who want a back up plan. I heard so many times the story "I'm a teacher but when I give up work to have children I want to have a job that I can work around them, from home".

So yes, there is an financial investment in your initial training, plus any products and equipment. You will need a insurance and only professional accredited courses can get you this, but the set up costs are relatively low.

More good news if you are tempted to enrol on a beauty course any time soon, is that even when there is a state of economic crisis and times are hard, research has shown that the general public will still find the funds to have a pamper session, get their nails done, have a facial, have their legs waxed and why ? .....because it makes us feel better, it performs a service and has a positive effect on our wellbeing.

Olive Training provides information about careers in the hair and beauty sector on every course which includes what you need to know about setting up your own business. We support our Olive Training Alumni and many more students that trained some time ago when we taught in further education.

Olive Training gives you the skills and the knowledge .... You do the business !



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