This E-filing Course is about providing you with th skills to enhance nails using an electric files (E-File) and offers a unit of credit certificate that can be used for the purposes of obtaining insurance.   The unit of study is :


  • Enhance nails using electric files


The unit is about the safe and appropriate use of electric files during the processes of preparing and finishing overlay materials such as acrylic extensions.  The course also covers safe, professional preparation and maintenance of the electric file hand piece and attachments.  This includes reducing length and refining surfaces; thinning out of the free edge of an overlay, buffing and reducing overlay bulk ready for infill or rebalance and the removal process. 


This course is completed over one day.  The majority of this time will be spent gaining and learning practical techniques to carry out treatments in the salon working on real clients.


There is also a theory content to ensure that you have the underpinning essential knowledge for